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Rules for adding a new component in the SoCLib library

To introduce a new IP core component in the SoCLib library, the 3 following conditions must be satisfied.

1) Write a documentation page

  • The documentation page is to be created here
  • The functional description should be brief, with a figure if possible.
  • The simulation model availability should be indicated (CABA, TLM-T, or both)
  • A pointer on an existing synthetizable RTL model should be given.

2) Build an evaluation platform

  • The simulation platform must instanciate the new hardware component
  • The simulation platform must instanciate at least one VCI compliant interconnect and some others qualified SoCLib components in order to demonstrate the interoperability.

3) Provide all necessary files

  • The source files to describe the IP core : ( .h and .cpp files) must be uploaded in the SVN repository.
  • When applicable, the metadata files related to the new component such as the .sd (see SoclibDesc) file. Later, we'll be able to translate it to IP-Xact.