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General presentation

MutekH is a portable operating system developed at Lip6-soc.

MutekH is a set of libraries build on top of the Hexo exo-kernel. This exo-kernel defines the Hardware Abstraction Layer, providing both portability and support for heterogeneity.

Hexo has been ported on several platforms:

  • MIPS processor based MPSoCs architectures modeled with SoCLib.
  • PPC processor based MPSoC architectures modeled with SoCLib.
  • ARM processor based MPSoC architectures modeled with SoCLib.
  • Multi-processor x86 based PC plalforms.
  • Runs wrapped in a linux process on x86 and x86-64 platforms.

Currently available libraries are:

  • Several devices drivers for PC and SoCLib platforms.
  • Native Posix Threads implementation (libpthread).
  • Standard C library implementation (libc).
  • File systems support (libvfs) along with file system drivers like vfat.
  • TCP/IP protocol stack (libnetwork).
  • The famous lua lightweight script language interpreter (liblua).
  • A terminal user interface library with history and completion (libtermui).

Other libraries are under development:

  • Unix kernel API (libunix).

More Information

You can obtain more detailed information, and download the code here