This utility component is a transitional component used to wrap an ISS API-compliant ISS in an ISS2 API-compliant wrapper.


Using !IssIss2 in your platform

Using the !IssIss2 in your topcell is easy. First include the header:

#include "ississ2.h"

Then replace processor instantiation in the IssWrapper with an instanciation in a VciXcacheWrapper:

   // soclib::caba::IssWrapper<soclib::common::MipsElIss> cpu0("cpu0", 0);
   // With GdbServer
   soclib::caba::VciXcacheWrapper<soclib::common::IssIss2<soclib::common::MipsElIss> > cpu0("cpu0", 0);

Do not forget to update the platform description file:

Uses('vci_xcache_wrapper', iss_t = 'common:ississ2', iss2_t = 'common:mipsel'),
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