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Processor Functional Description

This hardware component is a Mips-32 processor core.

This ISS uses the ISS2 API and can be wrapped in a CABA or TLM-T Wrapper.

It implements all instructions defined in the MIPS32 architecture specification, with the following limitations:

  • The floating point instructions are supported, FPU exception detection is partially implemented
  • The Mips virtual memory instructions are not supported. The MMU is implemented as an external TLB (SoCLib generic MMU) in the VciVcacheWrapper? component.

Both little-endian and big-endian implementations are available.

Component definition & implementation

Template parameters

This component has no template parameters.


Mips defines 6 interrupts lines. The handling and prioritization of the interrupts is deferred to software.


None, it is to the wrapper to provide them.

Debug and traces

When built with SOCLIB_MODULE_DEBUG defined (for example by calling soclib-cc with "-b common:mips32 -b common:mips32el"), some debug messages are available, controlled with the ISS2 set_debug_mask() method. By default all messages are enabled; see source:trunk/soclib/soclib/iss/mips32/include/mips32.h for possible values.

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