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ST231 Processor Functional Description

The ST231 processor core is an hardware component implementing a 7-stage VLIW processor with register scoreboarding and 32-bit x 32-bit multiplies for integer and fractional data representations. Though a MMU was also added so the ST231 can be used as a host processor, this processor is mostly used in digital video consumer electronics.

This component is an ISS, which should be wrapped with an IssWrapper for integration into a complete platform.

This instruction set simulator acts as a slave to the IssWrapper and is organised identically to the other Isses available within the library.

Component definition

Available in source: trunk/soclib/soclib/lib/st231/metadata/


ST231 has no parameters.

Uses( 'st231')

Microblaze Processor ISS Implementation

The implementation is in

  • st231.hh, st231.cpp : Defines the class ST231iss which is the impementation of the ISS respecting the Iss Wrapper interface.
  • cpu/st231_isa.hh, cpu/st231_isa.cpp : Implements the ST231 instruction set.
  • cpu/bundle.hh, cpu/bundle.cpp : Implements the VLIW instruction bundle.
  • cpu/exception.hh, cpu/exception.cpp : Implements the associated exceptions.
  • cpu/soclib_symtab.hh, cpu/soclib_symtab.cpp : Implements the associated symbol table.
  • cpu/cpu_tlmt.hh, cpu/cpu_tlmt.cpp : Implements the CPU including the 7-stage pipeline.

Template parameters

This component has no template parameters.

Constructor parameters

    uint32_t ident       // processor id


The IssWrapper module is in charge of defining the communication ports.

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