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1) Functional Description

This VCI target corresponds to a IEEE802.16e LDPC encoder. It embeds an internal hardware Cycle Accurate Bit Accurate model of the TurboConcept's IEEE802.16e WiMAX LDPC encoder tc4200_enc.

TurboConcept's TC4200-WiMAX? Core is the corresponding decoder. It is a high speed Low Density Parity Check code (LDPC) decoder optimized for WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) specifications. A patented decoding architecture allows meeting high throughputs within small devices, and still offering close-to-ideal Bit Error Rate (BER) performances.

Figure 1 - Tc4200_enc

Figure 1 presents the general core structure. The Tc4200_enc is made of a VCI wrapper and an internal hardware decoder model which communicates using proprietary FIFO-like protocols.

2) Component definition & usage

3) CABA Implementation

CABA sources

CABA Constructor parameters

  • IEEE802.16e LDPC encoder
         sc_module_name name,                     // Instance name
         const soclib::common::IntTab &index,     //  Target index
         const soclib::common::MappingTable &mt)  // Mapping Table

CABA Addressable registers

  • Read only registers
    • TC4200_ENC_D_OUT Data output register
    • TC4200_ENC_MONITOR Monitoring interface. See Figure 2

Figure 2 - Monitoring register

  • Write only registers
    • TC4200_ENC_CONFIG Configuration interface. See Figure 3
    • TC4200_ENC_D_IN_FIRST Register for the First data corresponding to a new frame. See Figure 4.
    • TC4200_ENC_D_IN Register for any other input frame data. See Figure 5.

Figure 3 - Configuration register

Figure 4 - First data of a new frame register

Figure 5 - Data register. Value for the i-th written data.

CABA Ports

  • sc_in<bool> p_resetn : hardware reset
  • sc_in<bool> p_clk : clock
  • soclib::common::VciTarget<vci_param> p_vci : The VCI port

4) TLM-T Implementation

TLM-T sources

5) Limitation

No limitation applies to this model.

6) License

The VCI wrapper is licensed under the SoCLib, GNU LGPLv2.1 license.

The VCI wrapper instantiates an internal hardware encoder. This internal hardware decoder is licensed under BSD-like license.

This internal hardware decoder is distributed in a binary form.

7) RTL model

Please contact TurboConcept for information about purchasing a fully functional RTL model of the internal hardware encoder.

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