SocLib Components General Index


1) Functional Description

This hardware component is a VCI compliant ring, implemented as a combinational daisy-chain and well suited for FPGA implementations.

Policy arbitration uses a circulating token which allows the wrappers to access the ring in a round-robin fashion.

2) Component definition & usage


3) CABA implementation

CABA sources

CABA Constructor parameters

VciSimpleRingNetwork( sc_module_name insname,                    // instance name
                         const soclib::common::MappingTable &mt, // mapping table
                         const soclib::common::IntTab &ringid,   // global subsystem index
                         const int &wrapper_fifo_depth,          // wrapper fifo depth 
                         int nb_attached_initiator,              // number of VCI initiators
                         int nb_attached_target);                // number of VCI targets

CABA ports

  • sc_in<bool> p_clk; Global system clock
  • sc_in<bool> p_resetn; Global system reset
  • soclib::caba::VciInitiator<vci_param>* p_to_target; Ports to VCI targets
  • soclib::caba::VciTarget<vci_param> * p_to_initiator; Ports to VCI initiators

4) TLMT implementation

The TLM-T implementation is not available yet.

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