Installation Notes

Prepare the environment

You'll need:

Getting SoCLib

Please note SVN repository contains `svn:externals` references to transparently checkout other repositories within SoCLib's one. This standard feature is well supported by vanilla Subversion client but is unsupported by most alternative clients. Please ensure your client does support externals.

$ cd where/to/put/soclib
$ svn co soclib

Put soclib/bin in your $PATH, preferably add this line in your shell's startup scripts.

$ export PATH=$PATH:where/to/put/soclib/utils/bin

Compiling tools

Some tools need compilation before use:

$ cd where/to/put/soclib/utils/src
$ make
$ make install



You may edit SoCLib's configuration file. Out of the box, the only thing the configuration needs is setting an environment variable pointing to your SystemC implementation. Again this may preferably reside in your shell's startup scripts:

$ export SYSTEMC=/path/to/systemc

If you want to check, you should have a listing close to this one:

AUTHORS  ChangeLog  LICENSE  README        docs      include
COPYING  INSTALL    NEWS     RELEASENOTES  examples  lib-linux

Cross-compilation tools

By default, platform examples expect cross-toolchains compiled as described in Cross Compiler. I.e. it expects mipsel-unknown-elf-gcc, powerpc-unknown-elf-gcc and mb-gcc (Xilinx ships a Microblaze compiler named it this way).

If you already have cross-toolchains compiled on your host, you can declare them in ~/.soclib/soft_compilers.conf. For each architecture in mipsel, powerpc and microblaze, you may define:

<arch>_CC_PREFIX = ...
<arch>_CFLAGS = ...
<arch>_LDFLAGS = ...

For instance, if you want to use a mips cross-compiler configured for Linux (GNU+Glibc), you can declare:

mipsel_CC_PREFIX = mipsel-linux-elf-
mipsel_CFLAGS += -nostdinc
mipsel_LDFLAGS += -nostdlib

nostdinc and nostdlib disable default libraries (Glibc) from compilation and linking.

Pay attention to default values in /path/to/soclib/utils/conf/, they may be of some usefulness. Don't directly modify unless you intend to commit your modifications. This is a versioned file!

Other paths

You should have cross-compilers in you path as well. For instance you should have a generic mipsel compiler toolsuite available as mipsel-unknown-elf-*.

If they are not in the $PATH, add them in:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/compiler/suite/bin


Let's compile a simple platform:

$ cd /path/to/soclib/soclib/platform/topcells/caba-vgmn-multi_timer-mipsel
$ make
$ ./simulation.x 1000000

If ever this fails, see if SoCLib's configuration file may help you.


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