General presentation

DNA/OS is a replacement for MutekA, that has been withdrawn and is no longer supported. It is a kernel-mode lightweight operating system for Multiprocessor System on a Chip. It is build on top of a thin HAL to ease porting on new platforms and processor architecture. DNA/OS does not support virtual memory.

It currently targets the following architectures:

  • ARM7, ARM9, Cortex A8/A9 (ISS not yet available in SoCLib)
  • MIPS
  • Micro Blaze
  • SparcV8
  • NiOS

It comes in two flavors:

  • SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing), in which the threads share the processor pool in a fair manner, first come first served.
  • DS (Distributed Scheduling), in which a task is assigned to a processor at creation time.

The libraries associated with DNA/OS currently available are :

  • Native POSIX Threads
  • newlibc (provided by Redhat) with support for multiprocessor

The DNA/OS repository is available at :

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