General presentation

SoCView is an interactive simulation environment for debug and instrumentation of multi-processors architectures modeled with the SoCLib Components. At the moment SoCView supports only CABA simulation.

It gives the system designer a Graphical User Interface to launch and monitor various simulator engines, providing various types of services :

  • The SystemCASS simulation engine is very fast (about 15 times faster than the standard OSCI simulation engine), but does not provide any support for debug.
  • The SimDB simulation is much slower, but it allows the system designer to define hardware breakpoints, to trace hardware signals or registers, or to monitor the embedded memory content. It supports backtrack.

In order to help the debug, SoCView allows the system designer to switch during simulation from the fast mode (SystemCASS) to the interactive mode (SimDB).

More Information

The SoCView environment was supported by System@TIC. It has been developped at UPMC-LIP6 by Wahid Bahroun, and is distributed by UPMC as free software, under the GPL license.

You can obtain more detailed information, and download the code here

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