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1) Functional Description

This VCI target is a multi-channels memory mapped peripheral implementing a vectorized interrupt controller. It can concentrate up to 32 input interrupts p_irq_in[i] to 8 output interrupts p_irq_out[k].

It behaves as 8 independant Vci Icu components, and can be used in a multi-processors architecture to dispatch the peripheral interrupts to 8 processors, using the software programmable registers ICU_MASK[k].

There is one independant set of registers for each channel [k] (i.e. for each output interrupt) and each input interrupt can be individually masked through the programmable register ICU_MASK[k].

In principle, the values contained in the ICU_MASK[k] registers must be non-overlapping, because a given input interrupt should be routed to only one processor.

For a given channel, the priority scheme is fixed : The lower indexes have the highest priority.

For each channel [k], the ICU_IT_VECTOR[k] register can be addressed to return the index of the highest priority, non masked, active interrupt p_irq_[i].

This hardware component checks for segmentation violation, and can be used as a default target.

For each channel [k] there is five addressable registers:

  • ICU_INT[k] Each bit in this register reflects the state of the corresponding input interrupt line. This is read-only.
  • ICU_MASK[k] Each bit in this register reflects the state of the enable for the corresponding interrupt line. This is read-only.
  • ICU_MASK_SET[k] Each bit set in the written word will be set in the ICU MASK. (ICU_MASK = ICU_MASK | written_data). This is write-only.
  • ICU_MASK_CLEAR[k] Each bit set in the written word will be reset in the ICU MASK. (ICU_MASK = ICU_MASK & ~written_data). This is write-only.
  • ICU_IT_VECTOR[k] This register gives the index of the highest-priority active interrupt. If no interrupt is active, (-1) is returned. This is read-only.

For extensibility issues, you should access your ICU using globally-defined offsets.

You should include file soclib/icu.h from your software, it defines ICU_INT, ICU_MASK, ICU_MASK_SET, ICU_MASK_CLEAR, ICU_IT_VECTOR.

2) Component definition & usage


Uses( 'vci_multi_icu')

3) CABA Implementation

CABA sources

CABA Constructor parameters

     sc_module_name name,  // Component Name
     const soclib::common::InTab &index, // Target index
     const soclib::common::MappingTable &mt,  // Mapping Table
     size_t nirq_in,  // Number of input interrupts
     size_t nirq_out);  // Number of channels (output interrupts)

CABA Ports

  • p_resetn : Global system reset
  • p_clk : Global system clock
  • p_vci : VCI target port
  • p_irq_in[i] : Up to 32 input IRQ ports
  • p_irq_out[k] : Up to 8 output IRQ ports
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