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What is SoCLib

  • SoCLib is an open platform for virtual prototyping of multi-processors system on chip (MP-SoC).
  • The core of the platform is a library of SystemC simulation models for virtual components (IP cores), with a guaranteed path to silicon.
  • The project is funded by the french 'Agence Nationale pour la Recherche'.
  • It involves 6 industrial companies and 11 laboratories? which are working together to build this platform

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SoCLib Library

Trying SoCLib

You may want to try SoCLib without going through the installation process ? Then the SoCLib Live Cd may help you !


Installation, usage


SoCLib OS & Middleware

  • MutekA : OS kernel for MPSoCs with support for POSIX threads
  • MutekH : exo-kernel based OS kernel for MPSoCs with support for POSIX threads
  • MutekS : Optimised, static OS for DSX
  • MWMR : Hardware / Software communication middleware

SoCLib Tools

  • DSX : Design Space Exploration tool
  • SystemCASS : Fast SystemC simulation kernel
  • SoCView : Interactive simulation environment for debug and instrumentation
  • GdbServer : A GDB server for multi-processor architectures
  • MemoryChecker : A memory access error checker similar to valgrind.
  • VCI Validation : A library for the validation of the VCI protocol (CABA and TLM-T versions)
  • GAUT : A high-level synthesis tool allowing to generate automatically systemC CABA and TLM-T files.

SoCLib Resources

Mailing list

The dev@… Mailing list is public and targets general discussion about SoCLib component development.

To join the list, either

Writing and design guides



Posters and publications