What is SoCLib

  • SoCLib is an open platform for virtual prototyping of multi-processors system on chip (MP-SoC).
  • The project started as an ANR-founded project. It is now maintained at Lip6
  • The core of the platform is a library of SystemC simulation models for virtual components (IP cores)
  • The main concern is true interoperability between the SoCLib IP cores
  • All simulation models are written in SystemC, and can be simulated with the standard SystemC simulation environment.
  • Two types of models are available for each IP-core:
    • CABA (Cycle Accurate / Bit Accurate),
    • TLM-DT (Transaction Level Modeling with Distributed Time)
  • All simulation models and most associated tools are distributed as free software.

Using SoCLib

SoCLib Components



Projects using SoCLib

Software support

Embedded Os support

SoCLib platforms are able to run several operating systems:

  • DNA/OS : DNA/OS is a micro-kernel for MPSoCs. It supersedes MutekA, and still provides the POSIX thread API.
  • MutekH : Exo-kernel based OS for classical and heterogeneous MPSoCs with POSIX threads support
  • NetBSD : Highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system
  • eCos : An open source, royalty-free, real-time operating system intended for embedded applications.
  • RTEMS : Real-Time Operating System for Multiprocessor Systems

SoCLib Tools

Various tools comes along with SoCLib to ease research and development:

  • DSX : Design Space Exploration tool
  • SystemCASS : Fast SystemC simulation kernel
  • SoCView : Interactive simulation environment for debug and instrumentation
  • GdbServer : A GDB server for multi-processor architectures
  • MemoryChecker : A memory access error checker similar to valgrind.
  • GAUT : A high-level synthesis tool allowing to generate automatically systemC CABA and TLM-T files.


  • MWMR : Hardware / Software communication middleware



Writing and design guides

SoCLib Resources


See Papers And Publications.

Mailing list

The dev@… Mailing list is public and targets general discussion about SoCLib component development.

To join the list, either

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